The Mindfulness Community of Greater New Orleans is a sangha in the tradition of Thich Naht Hanh and Plum Village.  We practice together on Wednesday evenings. During Covid-19 precautions we are practicing on the Zoom video platform from 6:30 to 8:00. Please contact us for the Zoom link. If you have not practiced with us before, we ask that you arrive at 6:15 so we can offer you an orientation to our format and instruction in our style of meditation.

Although a Buddhist tradition, mindfulness practice is not a religion and it is not necessary to be Buddhist to meditate. Ours is a spiritual practice that helps us to understand our suffering and transform it, to develop compassion and loving-kindness, and to wake us up to living more fully every moment of our lives.

Our practice consists of formal sitting (and when we meet in person, walking meditation), and a reading from Thich Nhat Hanh followed by dharma sharing.

We recognize that wisdom, insight, and the nurturing of compassion and loving kindness are enhanced by appreciating diversity in all aspects of human endeavor.  Practicing joyfully together, we aim to support each other in bringing mindfulness into our daily lives.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome at any practice session; we hope that our format allows everyone to connect at their own pace and in their own way.

email to:  mindfulnesscommunity@yahoo.com
You can also find out about our activities on Facebook (MCGNO).

Our background:

The Mindfulness Community of Greater New Orleans was started by two Order of Interbeing members, and is committed to the Plum Village lineage.  We welcome new members or visits by people who are just curious about mindfulness, Thich Naht Hanh, or meditation in general.

MCGNO is part of a loose network of national and international sanghas (communities).  We use a format that is common among those communities, especially here in the United States.  It is intended to foster a sense of community while leaving room for individual experience.  We hope you will enjoy being part of our Sangha.


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  1. Interested in your Wednesday night practice and it’s location
    Thank you
    James Bruce

  2. Hi is there a cost/fee associated with attending?

  3. Kelley Brupbacher November 29, 2017 — 10:20 pm

    Are Wednesday nights the only time y’all meet. I want to get back into the practice and would like to meet some like minded people. Thank you.

    • Hi Kelley. Yes, Wednesday evenings are the only regular time we practice. We have occasional other practice events, for example days of mindfulness, but nothing scheduled at this time. Although they’re not in the Plum Village tradition, you might check out Mid City Zen, or the New Orleans Insight Meditation group, they practice at other times.

  4. Extremely interested in your Wednesday classes. Please let me know if there is space!

  5. Is there a 2 day meditation retreat in N.O. this weekend ?

  6. I see it’s been awhile since the last comment. Are you still meeting?

  7. Good morning 🌞

    I would love to attend on this Wednesday. Do I need to pre register or reserve a seat …

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hello Tom
    how have you been ?
    Are any sangha friends from your area coming to the 12 step retreat next week?
    send me an email..

  9. Hi, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for a year and a half and am looking for a meditation community. Are you meeting virtually at this time? I would love to know more about your group.

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